California free-spirit, SGI
                                Buddhist, goes to the Andes and plays
                                panpipes with indigenous guys

Lynette Yetter,
                                    as Lucy, plays panpipes on location
                                    in Bolivia, filming Panpipes for
                                    Touch Your Soul and Make You ThinkMachu Picchu
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Lucy Plays Panpipes for Peace
Zampoņas por la Paz
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Lucy Plays Panpipes for Peace,
an illustrated novel by Lynette Yetter

What Folks are Saying about Lucy -
Cover Art, Lucy Plays Panpipes for
                                Peace, a novel by Lynette Yetter"Wow and then some! Have started reading and can't put it down. Last week the members in Seattle were told about your book. I told the other Buddhist on my job and will tell all of Detroit on New Years Day. I even tell the people I call as a professional fundraiser. I love your story...absolutely love it!"
- Kathy Lynch, Bodhisattva of the Earth

"You've convinced me that Nam myoho renge kyo works!"
 - Donna Guadagni, Teacher

"My favorite parts were when the contraband bus Lucy is riding on gets pulled over (very dramatic!) and the hunger strike, again very dramatic ... Doro's dream about Bert ... and the beautiful bus Aunt Bert got to ride on to travel. I like how you demonstrate how chanting can completely turn around a situation and I strongly believe that to be true. You have a lot to share with the world." - Jean Monte, Poet

I love what you wrote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so beatiful, so touching!!! The words you use to describe Lucy's feelings are so moving--so powerful! It's beyond words to describe-- I am so proud of what you have done and continue to do!!!!!!! Proud to be your friend!" - Nancy Miller, MFCC

"I love it!  It helps to remind us all that even though it may be buried deep, there is good in people, and sometimes you can bring it out simply by being kind to others." - Barbara Selby, Mom

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Lucy Plays Panpipes for Peace,
an illustrated novel by Lynette Yetter

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